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Observations on the effect of wind on the suspension bridge over the Menai Strait, more especially with reference to the injuries which its roadways sustained during the storm of January 1839


[Editor’s note: Cowper, Edward Shickle; Brunel, Isambard Kingdom; Seaward, Samuel; Rendel, James Meadows; Donkin, Bryan]

Minutes of the Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Vol. 1, 1841

February 16, 1841

In the month of December 1825, when the original construction of the bridge was nearly completed, several severe gales occurred, and considerable motion was observed, both in the main chains and in the platform of the carriageways. It appeared that the chains were not acted upon simultaneously, nor with equal intensity; it was believed, therefore, that if they were attached to each other, and retained in parallel plains, the total amount of movement would be diminished.

On the 30th of January, and on the 6th of February, 1826, some heavy gales again caused considerable motion of the chains and roadway, breaking several of the vertical suspending rods, and of the iron bearers of the platform.

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Introduction: The Life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Civil Engineer

I’m beginning with a transcription of Isambard Brunel’s biography of his father, The Life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Civil Engineer. This will be the first of many volumes of  primary source materials that, I hope, will be of use to the readership of the blog.

I will break up the chapters into several parts each for the sake of brevity. Each part will be linked within the chapter and to the overall table of contents. Additional materials, such as a listing of the persons noted in the book, and other historical notes and asides, will also appear.

I am indebted to Mr. I. K. Brunel (Ghost), without whose insistent demands I would not have embarked upon this project. Undoubtably Mr. Brunel will share commentary with us as we go.

Finally, please consider subscribing to the site, and if the materials are of interest and use to you, a tip to support the work we’re doing would be much appreciated.

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